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Meanwhile, in northern regions Habsburg Monarchy expanded into modern Serbian territory starting from the end of the 17th century, culturally bounding this part of the nation to Central Europe rather than Balkans.Central Serbia was the first to emancipate as the Principality of Serbia in 1815, and started to gradually expand into Ottoman and Habsburg-held regions. We hit it off fairly quickly, talking day and night almost.

I hope this can happen around our 5th year anniversary. And we have been featured in news segments and a television show called . They have calmed down and accepted Bojan and our situation. For example, it is normal for Serbs, Croatians, Bosnians or Hungarians to date and intermarry. Do you attribute or connect it to negative images of blacks from slavery or something else? He was on my daughter’s birth certificate, but not our sons. I was prepared get an attorney and to go to court if necessary but it wasn’t.

How did you feel about interracial marriage/relationships before you were in one? Later I realized the Federal Bureau of Investigation (yes the FBI) was watching us at the airport. Bojan’s family accepted us right away and were extremely supportive. I think in my case there is a bit of pressure only because of our location. Jimi was born in a private hospital with no complications and no medication. My family is Baptist and Bojan’s family is Orthodox.

Let’s just say my family tried everything to stop me and went nuts. But my family called all government agencies they could think of to intervene. Have you felt pressure or experienced a significant difference between your non-interracial and interracial relationships? My children wanted to leave badly and I made the decision — it was time to go. I called my best friend and asked him if he would my apartment after I left, and ship me the boxes I couldn’t take on the plane. I got everything in order and waited on my future husband, who I have since had another baby named Jimi Mychel with my husband. Just fyi, the best healthcare here is for those who can afford it.

Did you face skeptics and criticism from friends and/or family about your interracial/international marriage? How did they factor in your decision to relocate overseas for love? The original plan was for him to come to the states. As for me, I don’t affiliate myself with any political party nor do I trust them at all.

Do you think Serbia in general is a good place for interracial couples & families? For now, Bojan is a History teacher and a Veterinarian tech.

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