Dating without drama by paige

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Sing Boy Sing (1958) Quad Tom Chantrell Tommy Sands * Lili Gentle * Edmond O'Brien * John Mc Intire Hm, who does this poster art make him look vaguely like? The Chantrell attribution come from Downbeat (1958) Quad US Daddy-O Dick Contino * Sandra Giles * Bruno Ve Sota * Gloria Victor * Jack Mc Clure I am guessing this is one of those anti-beatnik perils of modern youth dramas based on the poster and the original US title.The Gift of Love (1958) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell Lauren Bacall * Robert Stack * Evelyn Rude * Lorne Greene According to the poster art, this seems to be about snogging the severed head of Lauren Bacall..maybe he's going bowling with it.Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man (1962) Quad Signature Tom Chantrell Richard Beymer * Diane Baker * Corinne Calvet * Fred Clark * Dan Dailey * Arthur Kennedy * Ricardo Montalban * Paul Newman * Susan Strasberg * Jessica Tandy * Eli Wallach * Edward Binns Short stories pieced together into coming of age narrative.Of Human Bondage (1964) Quad Kim Novak * Laurence Harvey * Robert Morley * Siobhan Mc Kenna * Roger Livesey * Jack Hedley * Nanette Newman * Ronald Lacey Bondage eh?BUT for a little context, the wrestling empire continued to work with Seth Rollins and Tom Phillips following their own private content being put online.It would be horrifying if the WWE terminated their contract with the reality TV starlet and athlete for being a victim to this.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956) Quad Jock Hinchliffe Jane Russell * Richard Egan * Joan Leslie * Agnes Moorehead * Michael Pate Russell still wearing the Howard Hughes bra by the look of it and making Hawaii a happier place for US servicemen before Pearl Harbor spoils the party.Assorted tear jerker's, melodramas and romances can be found here, or just the plain old unclassifiable.The common thread being I liked the art, especially if bosoms were heaving. There's even a little foreign exploitation and soft focus smut thrown in.Gone With The Wind 1980 Re-Release (1939) Quad Art: Howard Terpning Clark Gable * Vivien Leigh * Leslie Howard * Olivia de Havilland Definitely not an original but a much more affordable 1980's version from the films re-release. Three Little Girls in Blue (1946) Quad June Haver * George Montgomery * Vivian Blaine * Celeste Holm * Vera-Ellen * Frank Latimore 40's US Musical, all shiny faces and lacquered hair.This is amazingly unfolded and from an era of paper shortage.

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