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They will alternate FT8 and CW depending on what they can hear. They will start some teardown after sunrise tomorrow but try and keep as many stations going as possible until departure on the 16th. They said they were calling most all day SSB until they were blue in the face on the higher bands and no one coming back.

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They are having problems with over the horizon radar on 80 M.

They will use 3505 as a secondary frequency if 3525 gets covered. The Honda generators have become a noise source but they were able to move them far enough away to correct them.

A 9 operator team, led by Rob, N7QT will be active from Mellish Reef as VK9MA, QRV from November 3rd, 2017 through November 16th, 2017.

Mellish Reef, IOTA (OC-072) is currently #28 most wanted on Clublog. Phoenix is our choice of transport to Mellish Reef.

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