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These days more babies than ever are being entertained with these devices.A poll by parenting website uk found that half of parents routinely allow infants to play with their i Phone or tablet.There is a real fear that too much engagement with this technology is making it more difficult for some children to learn to read and write.‘The sort of interaction babies and toddlers need is interaction with real people and the real-life environment.That’s how they develop communication skills and learn to co-ordinate and control their whole body, not just jabbing with a finger at a screen.‘Screen time displaces these real-life experiences and the earlier children discover the quick-fix rewards of a tablet, the more likely it is to become their default activity.Catherine, 32, offers a prayer of thanks to Apple — maker of the i Pad — for another peaceful evening.‘He’s been using it twice a day, for up to half an hour, since he was four months old,’ admits Catherine.

Among children aged two to five, 69 per cent can open a web page browser, yet only 20 per cent know how to swim.Apple’s i Tunes store now stocks more than 800 apps for children.Then there is the growing list of accessories to make sure your little one doesn’t have to spend a moment away from a screen.Even if Prince George ever needs a job, chasing colourful shapes around a screen with his finger will not turn him into the next Steve Jobs, the late Apple chief who launched the i Pad (and who said he never allowed his own children to play with them).Educationalist and literacy expert Sue Palmer has been taken aback by how quickly i Pad use for even the youngest children has become normalised since these gadgets were introduced in 2010.

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