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It was there that Hadhrat began his education and learned to recite the Qur’an under the tutelage of his paternal grandmother, who would teach local children.

Troubled by the turmoil of partition and the consequent pitiful situation of those affected, Hadhrat’s father left Pakistan in 1373AH/1953CE and migrated (hijrah) to the holy city of Makkah al-Mukarramah, where he became a permanent resident obtaining Saudi nationality in 1380AH/1960CE.

The final 10-day spell of the holy month of Ramzan began at sunset on Sunday.

And with this began the pious ritual of E’tikaaf when fasting Muslim men arrive to stay at the local mosque and spend long hours reciting the Holy Quran in seclusion.

Allah rewards the Mo'takif (those who observe E'tikaaf) for even those good deeds they did not perform like attending a funeral or tending to the sick." Urging more youth to participate, the mufti quotes a line from 'Mazahir e' Haq' to say that the universe prostrates before Allah Almighty in a sign of E'tikaaf. The stars, moon and sun all perform sajda," he reads.

Having completed his secondary education in 1384AH/1964CE, Hadhrat was instructed by his father Haji Malik ‘Abd al-Haq — a famous Makkan factory owner and one of the responsible individuals of Tablighi Jama’at in the Hijaz, who was also subsequently appointed a khalifah of Hadhrat Shaykh al-Hadith — to spend a year in Jama’at in the special company of the then Amir of Tabligh Hadhrat Ji Mawlana Yusuf al-Kandhalawi, author of Hayat al-Sahabah, a biographical record of the lives of the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

They make arrangements for their wives and children back home and only emerge from the mosque once the moon is sighted on the eve of Eid ul' Fitr.

E'tikaaf is essentially the search for Shab e' Qadr, the holy night when the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed.

After studying there some time, Hadhrat returned to Makkah al-Mukarramah where he continued his studies in Islam.

The following year in 1388AH/1968CE, Hadhrat returned to Saharanpur once more and completed the Dawrah Hadith.

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