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He said later: "They wanted me to make a much more inoffensive, conventional script.But I don’t think you can do proper Stephen King and make it inoffensive.Film site Birth Movies Death saw the leaked script and reported that it depicted an upsetting moment while Beverley is dressing for Stan's Bar Bitzvah.Pennywise transforms into her unpleasant father (or possesses him) and tries to rape her.It’s the fact that it still holds up as swooningly romantic and more than a little sexy.Stephen Frears and Hanif Kureshi’s film follows the unlikely affair between British Pakistani Omar (Gordon Wanecke) and his childhood friend Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis), a fascist punk, and it has its most memorable moment when the pair make out in the backroom of the titular laundrette that they’ve been doing up, as Omar’s uncle Nasser (Saeed Jaffrey) and his mistress Rachel (Shirley Anne Field) dance in the background, unable to see the younger couple.The IT movie is currently terrifying audiences across the globe and smashing box office records.

Can't WAIT for Fifty Shades Freed to hit cinemas in Feb 2018?Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and for those of you happily coupled up (or crazy/optimistic enough to plan a first date for February 14th), it means candlelit dinners, staring into each other’s eyes, and, all being well, some uglies-bumping.Which is to say that this day of all days of the year is a time for romance and love, but it’s also a time for sex.It was an unusual experience for both actors, as Affleck's directorial duties required him to give Miller some acting notes—all while making her feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. "I just keep going, going, and going again and again. In that environment, it was a cool scene."Even before she joined the cast, Miller knew her role was rather risqué."There was a montage in the script saying we did it everywhere: in the car, in the bar... "There will be some outtakes from that [scene] where I have to walk out of the room," she admitted, "because I just have tears running down my face."When Menounos caught up with Affleck and co-star Chris Messina, the actor-director shared his side of the story. You start the scene—you get to the end—you go back to the beginning. I didn't tell her ahead of time, so she was taken a little off guard.

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