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The anarchists have done nothing against British Law yet (this would historically change during “The Seige of Shelby Street”, footnote, Raven) so they are not wanted.It would hurt Russia/England diplomatic relations to draw attention to the Okhrana. Holmes receives a letter from Sir David Abrahams, (introduced by Hugh Ashton in “The Enfield Rope”, footnote, Raven) that is a cry for help.I sincerely hope the Dispatch Box has a false bottom with some more adventures. Raven Now, as to this particular collection of tales:“Sherlock Holmes and the Russian Bear”There are Russian anarchists operating in Whitechapel.Wouldn’t Tales from Under the False Bottom be a great name for a new collection? And some members of the Okhrana, Russian Secret Police during the time of the Tsar, are also there to watch them.Yet even such a short tale shows a great deal of master storytelling, and should be given five out of five stars. Mr Ashton has an uncanny knack of writing stories which would fit seamlessly into the original Conan Doyle accounts.

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He hesitates to falsely charge any of his friends with theft, but he knows for certain that the servants are in the clear. Quoth the Raven…I really liked this author's previous Holmes' stories, but I think it may be time for him to give Holmes some time off.

John Devereux, who was well off, had left his family a great deal of wealth. Miss Devereux fears he is looting their inheritance.

He also has strange friends to the home each Friday, and his manservant, Matthews, is extremely unusual. Soames has agreed to give two hanged convicts a proper burial.

And with this tiny comical case, the dispatch box is now empty. Most of the stories in this book seemed forced, which was not the case for his previous works.

Yet even such a short tale shows a great deal of master storytelling, and should be given five out of five stars. Still, these are much better than a lot of stuff out there and it makes for a decent read. Book Review: Friday, March 13, 2015NOTICE: I have attempted to avoid spoilers and any given are totally unintentional.

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