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"There have been lots of rows in recent weeks and, for the first time, Wayne called Melinda's bluff. "They have both been unhappy for a long time, but they also love each other deeply and feel terrible for the children.

It's a really sad situation all round, but they are going to try to make this as amicable as possible for the children's sake.

"They have both fought for their marriage but it has been tough when they fundamentally disagree about such important things," said one source.

"Wayne still thinks moving was a big mistake and I know that even Melinda regrets it, although she is too stubborn to move back.

It sounds quite funny now, but it wasn't at the time. "I wanted him to leave, and I think he really wanted to go, too. We realised marriage is about hanging in there and getting through those times." Given the events of this week, it appears those optimistic words may have been a little premature.

For a while, though, as the couple concentrated on making a new home for themselves in Padworth, Berkshire, they appeared to have put their problems behind them.

"I don't think Wayne would even mind that, but Melinda refuses to let him make any decisions about the family, and that's hard for anyone to take." Those who know the couple well say the fractures in the marriage - which have now become a chasm - developed during the past two years after Melinda, 37, decided that traditional schools put too much focus on exams and homework.

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I thought that if he didn't see life as I see it now, then maybe we shouldn't be together.But while, understandably, that has put pressure on the relationship, friends say it has been her determination to be the perfect mother - indeed, she is an erstwhile Celebrity Mother Of The Year - which has driven such a huge wedge between the couple."The problems have been there for a long time," said one source in Melinda's circle.She was unhappier still when Melinda agreed to pose in just her underwear for a local double-glazing company.The advert was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for being too sexually suggestive - and instantly became a collector's item, with local teenage boys ripping it from billboards.

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