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I have an appointment." Vader pointed at the chair opposite him. Vader, please, I have a very important..." "More important than your job? "It's better if you don't know." ---to be continued--- ...continued from Chapter 2... You know I don't send these out without a review." "Oh, Mr. She felt his thumbs making small circles on the back of her white-gloved hands. "Things have changed just a little bit." He removed his hand. Monish showed her a handful of videotapes of her last several bondage and gangbang sessions. He and two of his men had taken her in a van, then drove out to the edge of the city to a large abandoned warehouse. Diane was frozen in her seat, throat tight and dry, unable to focus on anything the two of them were saying. He understood that Lars and his circle were just gamers, BDSM lovers who hooked people up after fairly extensive background checks. Prostitution and white slavery were not even on the 'serious offenses' list for them. She focused on holding her breath and swallowing slightly. She fought an urge to raise her hand and push him away. She lifted out the skintight tan pants and a black sleeveless jersey top.

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I've heard a lot about you." The exact words he'd said at the party. She'd been collared and leashed, Lars had introduced her and handed him the leash with instructions to use her however he saw fit and have her back in two hours. He looked Diane directly in the eyes and said, "I have nowhere to be anytime soon." A shiver went down her spine. She'd told Lars that Bailey scared her, he was too intense, she didn't know if he understood where the lines were. Monish didn't have to say anything to her - it didn't matter if he threatened to harm them or to just expose her 'special' life with Lars, she knew she was theirs. He was already hard and she sucked him with quick, shallow strokes.

Her work over the last three weeks had been slipping, shoddy. There was no way she could maintain all three of her lives at the same time, something had to give. If she couldn't eat, she could at least get by on caffeine. She was out on the floor now with the clerks and research team. Her life was falling apart and there was nothing she could do about it. Lars pulling up outside the building, the limousine that would take her to tonight's assignment waiting and stocked with booze and toys. It had become second nature after her first few punishments for speaking out of turn. The sound of metal clicking - someone was unlocking a door. Something in his mouth muffled the sound, but it was definitely a male voice. Someone pushed their toe into the back of her knee and she knelt obediently.

Diane cringed, felt a flush of humiliation and felt her nipples swell at the same time. "Did you finish the paperwork," he calmly continued. Vader had never liked her since she transferred into his office just under two years ago and now he had reason to press harder. She stood up and grabbed the coffee, gulped it down. I haven't been sleeping well..." she scrambled, trying to find some kind of story that would make sense. She heard metal grating against metal, then the men moved her forward again. When they got to the bottom of the steps, she felt the ground soft underneath her boots. She wanted to ask but knew that she was expected to remain silent. A musky smell she recognized instantly - sweat and leather. She remembered how often she'd smelled this way during a session.

He'd showed up at her home the next day as she was leaving for work.

Someone had been careless and Monish had found her real name, her address, phone number.

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