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An arrangement can provide the same benefits as a marriage without the risk. Love at first sight that sends shivers down your spine is a fairy tale, and it doesn't last forever.

Such infatuation must be transformed into a selfless form of love, empty of possessive expectations, for any relationship to endure.

I wasn't buying affection, but rather broadcasting my generosity to a potential audience of women that would normally be inaccessible to me.

The best part is that the women looking for this type of "arrangement" could all be found in one convenient place. I'll be the first to admit that not everyone joins this site for the right reasons.

She is a partner who understands my lifestyle and adds value to me rather than stifling me, which is the case in so many marriages today. We are trying to invoke the possibility of getting exactly what you want from your relationship, even if that isn't what society dictates.

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A new generation of independent, strong-willed women has cropped up while society is simultaneously raising boys who fail to ever reach their full potential.Lisa Ling: The dangerous allure of the rich boyfriend This website is empowering women, giving them the courage to go after what they really want.They shouldn't be afraid of using the resources and assets given to them to find what they truly deserve from a relationship.She told me that "one day, when you are wealthy and successful, your generosity will turn things around." And she was right.Even after graduating from MIT and earning a six-figure salary, I was still too shy to make my assets work to my advantage.

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