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Mat is amazed and Fausto cuts what could be the beginning of an argument off. At 8pm, Avenida Brasil is hitting its stride and at 9pm Tierra de Reyes slogs along. We invite you to select the size anvil for the characters who have done the most to derail the happiness of our main couples, Amaya/Max and Mariana/Iván. If you wish to amplify your choices with comments, you are invited to do so. Chabelle asks Fel if he is trading Pancha for Carmen. She asks, “What good is it to be honest your whole life if you can lose it in an instant by people telling lies about you?

That was futile because Mat doesn't believe this sudden closeness with Abi. ” Aracely doesn’t know what Pedro may have told him but she assures Chava that he’s the baby-daddy! This is your post for comments on all things Telemundo! We know certain characters have tried to wreck the lives and plans of other characters (like Cesar did to Lucio and Manuel), but let’s stick to the main protagonists. She says she can tolerate the Carmonas but she does not want the farmers to join the 'family' Maria and Facundo in bedroom(they are wearing ALMOST matching plaid pajama pants)... he is excited to announce to her they will celebrate their anniversary in a BIG way. ” She conveniently forgets that she has lied, and lied to cover up her lies.

Mat claims her intimate life is no concern for him but he still hates Ab's for being so cruel and serene with him but especially cause he will never be hers. However in the 21st century are the other two even close to reality anymore?

He thought Fausto had gone out with Abigail and he did' into the city. She starts to apologize as Facundo begins to worry about María finding out. Read more »ñor de los Cielos, tercer temporada, begins its run. She laments her ruined reputation to Barragan, who assures her she still has a friend in him.

Max calls the Hacienda and Diana tells him where to find Abi.

"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe Refrito: Ren and Pat are seated at the blind restaurant.

Elsewhere, Julian and ' Black Hand' (Mano Negra) are satisfied with their first night.

Julian reveals that he's not into playing dad for Tono, and that Fausto should be given everything free to keep a good relationship with las autoridades.

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