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(This information is sent back to the company controlling the website you visited.) Look in your c:/windows/cookies folder to see up to hundreds of these seemingly innocent text files, each marked from a website you visited, and each containing a piece of information about you.

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But if you mouse pointer the links they all start with means is they are not reputable sources etc.

But the only time you actually need them is when you’re logging into a site that needs to know who you are for real—like banking sites, or the Amazon-type online retailer commercial sites.

Everywhere else, it’s just plain snooping on the part of the webpage owners.

However, formatting (the hard type) erased all data and left the storage blank. For anyone using linux (or who knows someone, or who is willing to run a live CD) there is a GREAT utility called 'foremost' for recovering data.

I actually had a guy take his drive to a 'professional' only to be told the data was not recoverable, but I ran foremost and recovered his data.

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