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That is the way I hope to remember him, always connected to you despite geographic or other distances in work and play. My name is Yang Shizhen, a professor at School of Journalism and communication in Guangzhou University, China.

My teaching and research is centred on Chinese film studies and the comparative study of Chinese and American film language, for undergraduate and postgraduate.

WARNING: This is a non-fiction book without explicit sex or debauchery.

I find no words in me to express my love and admiration for ADELHEID HEFTBERGER: I have no words to describe how this news shocked me.

This book is a comprehensive look at these counter culture trends from the 1990s back through the late 1800s.

Here is a comprehensive reference book to songs, publications and objects of art that reflected the last century's counter-cultures as well as government and mainstream press attempts to censor them.

I am leading some graduate students to found the database of Chinese film form, which I hope can be a part of the bigger database you established for researchers to compare film forms of different countries.2.

As for CINEMETRICS and FACT, my students and I still have a lot to learn from you.

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