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Portuguese villagers r u .s h e d In fr Wit from their homes fearing the end of the world. rormer'"'**"*^ engaged In dlacoidan of newspaperman, said ' In speaking matter* ^or the good and WUare of y Mterday to the Klwanls ohib on j*:^ the progreas of de m oeraey. Philpott referred to the lm-| portance^Qg English speaking peo- ples taking steps to curb the menace of ntfdam, w Uch, iie said, did exist. Asselhiine Fayort Alatika Highway ai|d • tioatl auil Rai lt apj M'alini^ to the people of these countries In a peaceful fash- ion, but streaslng the fact that "if their, leaders forced tts to light, we would." In this regard Mr.

Parl.vlyondon air lin^QB clrclec Wab OVe the Eiigllsli Channel v eonneetlons be- tween London and New York wen disrupted by the ele( irkal dis- turbance. 3S opi — The executive council of the American Federation of Lator declined today to join Biropc M trade unionists an eeonomlc alliance against Japan The oounrll gave assurances, how fam Ules and wood jjt]tle USt as properly and as fa U:^ armed ' ""K'^'d f'"" I-Vbniai y a.s an e.xi)erl- M they are when they attack ns '^ment. However, he adv«xated a peace of- fensive as the best weapon of de- moeraey. Phil- pott spoke of the necessity of being prepared. Eiisthain, YEAR MAKKED JUL PROGRESS The old world passed with the P^"' declaration of war ^77914.

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I'lic fire department was called out in the belief Windsor Castle was afirs. 25 CF'.— Lack of adequate t Mnaporta tion facilities is "one Rreat obstacle" to development of Britiah Columbia s Northern minmg districts, Hon. His natural kindllneaa of heart and hla honest desire to do his best in the position, led iilm into many curlou.s silua M lenir Service tor All Typ M C. Mae DOWELL N mr MBINO — leee dmsim s^ nr ATi NG K 4US SPECIAL SI 35.00 ,..50 Antique firandfather Strike A 0 F. His Honor tlie Lleutenant'Oovemor expi pleifsure ta once more being present to help with the celebration of "The Immortal Memory." The poet Bums was e.iteemed the world over, and most deservedly. His merciless wit was a Lso fed by his impatience with the political claptrap of the day. for insisting that the Scot wore kilts, this, according to the Scot, being the plural form of the word. " this tinguished naturalist were close friends and fellow students In theh* early da\.s in Scotland ENDED DAYS IN HAWAII Born In Scotland in 1799, Dougla.s wa.s an indefatigable traveler, and gave his life In the Interests of science, ending his daya in the Hawaiian Lslands, where tablets to his memory liad lieen erected in the famous Kawaiahao Church, thirty- two years after his death, Mr. 71ie spe:iker .t Im) bru^fly .sketched the life of hiot up the St. Siib.sequently, he under- took extensive botanical exploration In RMSSla and Siberia, and Ui 1844 he brought his family to Canada, where he continued to reside t^t U his death in 1886. SIR JOSEPH BANKH The part played by Sir Joseph Ban Ju in botanical exploration dur- ing the latter part of the eighteenth century . juit ahovr Po» i ll ihr priad-, p M Siorri tnd Thriirei air «iiliin •■•T wa Uunf Jititiue till (lie lr^»«_«/»|^\°NUnd8ay: trea.surer.

advance point of the Invaders northward drive to- ward . Mackenzie Klnj said, or "or maybe not at all " RKFRAINS FROM COMMENT • But I_ feci auite sure It will, ' he added, refraining fran eolhmentlni; on reports from Toronto today qiiot- Ing Premier Hepburn as saylngjhui provincf^ nni ^;l^;n« bi,i iik'M , ,ted to rooftops lor a glimpse of the ruddy glow wliich led many to think half the dty was al)laze. Much as he hated hl.s position a.^ gauger, he yet was able to extract from the work some gems of wit. Grant, who made a genial chair- man and toastmaster. ^ Englishman to talk, nu- It was no uncommon thing for Bums to form himself Into a sort of advance guard for the warning of the poor folk whom, as excise man, he would p r e e e ntly have to raid. Highli Kht-s of the life of David -has been done -since then WOULD EXPOSE VIVISECTIONS Militant Action Agair Practice Advocated at Meeting of Society morously. The first man to dlreot attention to rubber, Sir Joeeph Banks jalso waa the flrat to advocate, the cultivation DO¥^NTOWN Qa^S(.

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Bealtle detertlves came 'irre today * ^f^o^R^ It exiierfed that arraii Re- to continue lnvc.stig»;,ion of last "i'""^* ^ ".ii, ks of dynamite purchased by POrsyth were recox'* ersd.- mrctlnsr, lrrp! President Harvey said ve.^trrriny in ani^ouneing the .ipeakers. M (n -Nine slni KRl In K lug.i dr.i KKed the Levlatliaii. HEHY FIGHTING ALONG YANGTZE Reinforced Armies Launc Offensives— Long Battle Near Wuhu SHANGHAI. M f4»).— Heavy ia.sualt|es were reported today In bitter hand-to-hand fichiintc .iloiic; the Yangtze River above Nanking a.s Telnforoed Chinese and Japanese armies huinched new offsnsives sin^ultancously. Thlrteda milas of this railway were ai e tuall y b u U t to l Ul, but net Mng Al Vk Omm — Iwl liirfii SANHIANtl St O SCORED INEqil ALl TUJt - Burns had a vast impatience with the inequalities of life. FREE IJTERATITRE The association, due to the gener- ous donations received, was able to send out a good deal of free litera- ture to various institutions, MT. in anlma Ls and ANT«JAL RBPOKn other natural phenomena. and Mr.r Butl^rland Brown rf this dty, and head of the local unit, was elected flrst vlce-jfrcsident Otiier officers named were: Torn Mflb, North Vancouver, aecoiid vlre- president: R. New Westmin- ster, third vloe-prealdent and Maior J Fades Ward .secretary treasurer Alderman Halford Wilson ad- dreeeed the eonvantlon and we N corned the delegates j .s .scarfe past prealdent of the Victoria club.: blood ind rid the system of jwisbnous accompanied Brigadier Brown as the Impurities which cau.«e serious and Victoria delegation. Department's radio dlvisi^iri .ui- nounced tonight seventeen - «nrli- dates have been awarded cem... /^Aav courteous treatment the commuu-e Cmr r EBSENTS case ^ ^^^^ mspecilon of Appearing Iw thp mini- mum allowance s Uted In the statute. gr an U w e r e bas ed on piupeity a'-sc.v.rni'nt.s double their actual proprrty viilur. spraim from the wording of- the law, he said WANT MEROEE Trustee Stanelaitd presented the eity'a case for the mergeir of Vic- toria and flurroundlng nchool areas. Our membership base is made up of thousands of beautiful women from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa looking for men just like you!As a leading international dating site, we successfully bring together singles from around the world.

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