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See the Minerals/Redox Section of Columnaris prevention for a further explanation.For Saprolegnia in particular, understanding the role of decaying organics, the lifecycle of Saprolegnia zoospores, and even p H play in prevention and treatment of the often very misunderstood Saprolegnia mold/fungi.Remember, it is your purchases here (both small & large) that keeps these world class information articles free.Or please consider a donation (especially International users), even just helps.Please read both sections/articles in full for a better understanding of these common pathogens.

The bacterial clumps form microscopic columns or dome shaped masses, hence the name columnaris.Without a microscope, Columnaris can look like Saprolegnia and is often treated as fungus, sometimes with poor results.The best way to tell with the naked eye (using a magnifying glass) is the hair like growth structures of Saprolegnia/Fungus.Adding aeration without correcting mineralization problems based on false assumptions about Columnaris while ignoring ESSENTIAL mineral ions (Calcium in particular, but sodium chloride too) will only further force an out of balance Redox and not help with a cure of a true Columnaris infection!!In lieu of often unavailable scientific microscopic identification, the above point is often noteworthy in identifying aerobic Columnaris from often anaerobic Aeromonas or the Mold Saprolegnia (generally referred to as "Fish Fungus").

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