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I must mention that I am yet to come across a perfume which has a bottle that matches its personality with such perfection. What i really love about LOVE is that, although is powdery - i mean really powdery- and you'd expect a very choking and scratchy or a very sweet dry-down, the drydown is green and fresh. I also like that you don't necessarily feel purple flowers in it, it's well blended, without any flower standing out.

It's a happy, easy to wear, stylish and recognizable fragrance, it could be easily a signature.

Im not sure how they could make it anymore ' intense' but im curious about the intense edp version, but for the while the original is definately one of my favoroute fragrances, and hopefully the time i need to replace this one it wont be completely obsolete.

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To be clear, it isn't even remotely "candy sweet." It's classy sweet.

Just a hint of refined sweetness atop the smell of luxury cosmetics and delicate purple florals.

Love Chloe has good longevity and what I would call "high end of moderate" silage.

I like beasts and this is NOT a beast, however, it's perfect.

You wouldn't want this fragrance any stronger than it is because it would take away from the "polite, proper, feminine effect." Utterly shameful that it's been discontinued while some of this brands almost comically boring and generic fragrances are still lining the shelves at department stores.

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