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However, postal regulations in Australia do not allow liquids such as urine to be sent in the post.

The suitability of Uri Swab for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Mycoplasma genitalium by polymerase chain reaction, compared with neat urine and a flocked swab dipped in urine, as well as its performance at high and prolonged temperatures to mimic potential harsh transport conditions were evaluated.

Increasing belief in the importance of sexual health was associated with sexual activity and also condom use and health care use.

School sex education supports the development of positive adolescent sexual health, but it can be difficult to accommodate gender and age needs in group settings.

Chlamydia testing rates are lower than recommended levels in both males and females.

This study provides a robust methodology that can meet the requirements of the Australian National Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategy by monitoring testing coverage and providing evidence to evaluate prevention and control programs.

Reporting past experiences of sexual coercion increased the likelihood of reporting abortion among both women and men. Further gonorrhoea positivity was at least 10 times greater in young Aboriginal women than their non-Aboriginal counterparts.

This data linkage study of all chlamydia tests conducted in 15-29 year olds at a state population level over a 2-year period, enables population rates of testing and test positivity to be reported.

Results are compared to clinical guidelines and to the estimated testing levels required to reduce chlamydia prevalence.

Externalising behaviour problems from as early as 5 years old in boys and 8 years old in girls predict a range of risky sexual behaviours in adolescence.

Mailing of self-collected specimens for detection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is being used increasingly in Australia.

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